Organic Royal Quinoa Black Grain
Organic Royal Quinoa Black Grain Grains Andean Valley Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Distributor, Wholesaler, Supplier, Supply | Ballun Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain  (Chenopodium quinoa Willd)

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain
White, Red or Black Variety  
Does not contain preservatives 
Commercial Presentations and package material 
500 grams box
300 grams box 
25.0 kg. triple foliated kraft paper bag
12.5 kg. triple foliated kraft paper bag
Package Material: 
a)      Primary packaging: low density polyethylene bags 
b)      Secondary packaging: cardboard box. 
Paper Bag
a)      Primary Package: low density polyethylene bags.
b)      Secondary package: triple folded kraft paper bag.
Storage Conditions 
Maintain at room temperature and free of humidity.
Elaboration Process
Elaboration process: Classification, Scarification (polishing), Washing, Drying, Grains Size selection, Initial destoner, 2 stone cleaning, optical selection, weighing and packaging.
Obs: The whole line has an incorporated system for metallic and ferrous material control with strong magnets system. 
Estimated expiration date
Preferably consume before 24 month from production date, indicated on package. 
Product Origin 
Organic Royal Quinoa produced in POTOSI y ORURO – BOLIVIA
Nutritional Chart
Nutrients Contents
per 100 g.
Protein  4,68 gr.
Fat 1,6 gr.
Carbohydrates 88,5 gr.
Ashes 2,37 gr.
Calcium 60,19 mg.
Sodium 800 mg.
Iron 9,25 mg.
Energetic value 387,5 Kcal
Source: Inlasa, Organic Royal Quinoa of Andean Valley S.A. No DCO-F-07-6-310-06
Pesticides, herbicides and Heavy Metals
Our products don’t contain residues of Pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals since they are regulated by ORGANIC production. 
How to use
Toast for a few minutes a portion of Andean Valley’s Organic Royal Quinoa Grain then add 2 equal portions of water. Cook at medium fire. Once boiling point is reached, add salt and Olive oil as needed. 
Allergens and traces
This product has no presence of allergens, gluten free product, no presence of traces.

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