Peruvian Nature is a one-of-a-kind Peruvian company created in 2001 dedicated to the production and marketing of dehydrated products that serve as raw material for the food production and manufacturing industries for direct use by the consumer.

We are an agribusiness located in the Lurin Valley of Lima, Peru, specialized in the natural dehydration of native products. The purpose of creating Peruvian Nature was to offer the world quality products and Super Ingredients to both the food and health industries in the form of bulk or finished product.


100% natural products are treated at controlled temperatures to protect their "SUPER" properties and characteristics.


Agribusiness with experience in processing and marketing naturally dehydrated products.

Committed to ensuring consistent, reliable and sustainable quality in keeping with our international certifications (GMP, HACCP, allergen free, gluten free, Kosher, organic, non GMO, and pesticide free), and with the fact that all our products can be traced directly from its raw material in the field.

Dedicated to sustainable biocommerce and improving the quality of life of our consumers.


Become the leading Peruvian company in the natural treatment of native products with a  view to contributing to improved health and sustainable biocommerce.

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